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Welcome to my online gallery, please explore the different gallery pages and should you see an image that you would like to purchase as a print, please email me and I will respond to your request post haste.


I prefer to use photographic printers that I have had dealings with, and that I trust to print, with archival inks, your selected images on archival fine art papers, that are deserving of being hung on the walls of your home or office.  


Thank you for taking the time to admire my body of works.


"What I saw today, may not be there tomorrow" - Darren Booker 2014.

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I was given a small Kodak 135 camera as a child with which I would photograph whatever took my fancy, landscapes. friends & family, anything really. I was always amazed at seeing the images come back from the printers. But it wasn't until I joined the Australian Army that I really took up photography, eventually training as a Regimental Photographer, where my subjects were anything from corporate style portraits through to photographing action images of rugby right through to parachuting. At this stage I was developing and printing all of my own images in the unit darkroom and at times in a tent whilst out in the field.

Before discharging from the Army I had been doing some wedding photography and continued to do so for a year or two afterwards. Although it was a lucrative opportunity I did not like the hassle of placating bride's, mother's of bride's...well you get the picture. I actually stepped right away from the camera for a number of years, until I once again yearned to capture images, only this time it was landscapes that I wished to photograph.

Landscapes don't talk, bicker or argue and unlike the weddings of today, landscapes don't have smartphones. I have had the pleasure of creating images in Canada as well as different locations around this sunburnt country of Australia.

Unlike the photography of my past, I now use the digital medium which required a lot of reading/studying (thank you Youtube), experimentation and loads of trial and error to be able to print my images for hanging. I use Nikon camera's and Adobe's Lightroom and Photoshop along with Nik Efex software like Silver Efex Pro 2 to edit my images.   

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